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IT服务休斯顿If your company experiences a severe power outage, will it be protected? 你们可能知道, losing electricity can happen at any moment, and it can cripple your business and ultimately shut it down. A blackout can be the result of a variety of factors, 无论它是一场风暴, 地震, or even hackers attacking the electrical grid. 不管原因是什么, it is critical for your company to have a plan for proper backup power management. A forced shutdown can severely damage your network and you could lose valuable data in an instant. 幸运的是, 休斯顿Tech is a company that offers 信息技术服务 to 休斯顿 businesses to protect against power failures and such. With a proper backup plan, you can minimize damage and limit downtime. Here are a few ways that your company can protect your data and network during a power outage:


The use of cloud services continues to rise for businesses of all sizes and it offers excellent protection against a power outage. 你们可能知道, important work files are uploaded to the cloud servers, and they can be restored to your computer at any moment. With the use of cloud technology, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable work information is protected from an emergency situation. Our IT服务公司 in 休斯顿 continually provides updates to the cloud servers to ensure the best service for businesses in the area.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

An uninterruptible power supply is a device that uses a battery to provide electricity during a blackout. The UPS will notify you of the power loss and you will have plenty of time to save everything without subjecting your computer to a forced shutdown. As you know, avoiding a forced shutdown is critical in maintaining a stable network. 使用UPS, you will not have to worry about losing important work documents due to a blackout.

Schedule Regular Data Backups

If you do not feel comfortable using cloud services, our IT team can schedule regular data backups, which is another excellent option to protect against any random power outages. Although the initial backup may take time, the subsequent backups will be much quicker as they only add new files to the existing data. The backups can easily be stored on a separate hard drive, which adds another layer of protection. Keep in mind, it is important to perform daily backups, or you risk the work data becoming outdated.

As you can see, having a proper backup plan is essential in today’s technological world. In the case of an emergency, your business will be well protected and will not suffer any data loss. At 休斯顿Tech, we have been providing excellent 信息技术服务 in the 休斯顿 area since 2009. With the latest technology, 休斯顿Tech specializes in data protection through the use of regular data backups and cloud storage. Don’t risk losing valuable information to an unpredictable power surge. 今天e世博线路 and let our professionals help your company develop a proper data backup plan.